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Jennifer’s motto has always been to “Love Big, and Live Big!” With more than 20 years in the dating industry, Jennifer J. Hayes has the passion and dedication to helping her clients find love that lasts. She believes in love, fully, and won’t stop until everyone around her has what she has.

She is the CEO of MIJEN Consulting and runs South Carolina Matchmakers, an elite matchmaking firm where she ensures her clients have all of the knowledge and assets to sustain a passionate, meaningful relationship for a lifetime! Throughout her journey as a wife and a mother, Jennifer has learned what it takes to balance it all. She is never one to skimp in an area of her life, and knows that if you want it all, you have to commit it all!

Give Back

Give Back

Balance is key

That means giving is as essential as receiving.   Jennifer is a giver by nature she teaches her son to live life to the fullest and remember to put the needs of others first by always giving back.

Her and her husband spearheaded a nonprofit organization, I Know How , which vision is to educate on the importance of preparing Houston youngest children to succeed by putting a book in their hands. Jennifer motto is “put your heart in everything you do and watch dreams happen.” To find out more about her charity click here

My Books

My Books

Jennifer is a highly acclaimed author and has received a great deal of praise for her, first award winning novel, “Bound By Memphis.”

She has been stroking the fires since then and is due to release her highly anticipated sequel “Memphis Mae” this fall and her relationship book “Love Big or Be Single” in 2018. Click on the books below to order or to find out upcoming release dates.

SCM Blog

SCM Blog

Renowned Radio Host, Professional Matchmaker turned Author Jennifer J. Hayes, knows a thing or two about not only finding love, but keeping it.

Jennifer seizes every opportunity to help both men and women overcome the challenges that hinder their relationships. Her relationship stories and insight can be found on her SCM blog. Jennifer’s advice and wisdom empowers individuals to take charge of the difficult situations standing in the way of their love life helping them make their life and love more fulfilling.


It’s pretty amazing how we all breathe differently.. It’s all breathing I know, but differs.. Same air, yes.. But different taste for each soul to inhale. Follow me on all my social media sites to get updates and information on all my events and projects that I am currently working on.